Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR)

The first designation I pursued after getting my Real Estate License was the Accredited Buyer Representative.  This designation indicates that I have special education on working as a fiduciary agent specifically for buyer clients. Many people believe that all real estate agents represent sellers in a home purchase transaction. But an ABR is trained in working with buyers and acting in their best interests in a transaction. To obtain this designation I didn’t just have to attend some training, I had to demonstrate a track record of representing buyers in a number of transactions.

As an ABR, I am prepared to work with you as the buyer in the purchase of your home.  If you choose to sign an Exclusive Buyer Agency agreement, I can assure you that your interests will be my utmost responsibility (except in cases where you purchase a home listed by my brokerage, in which case the law requires Dual Disclosed Agency). An exclusive buyer agency agreement protects buyers by requiring me to keep their information confidential in all circumstances. If this is of interest, please ask me to explain the agreement with you.

As a licensed real estate broker-salesperson, I am required to provide all potential buyers and sellers with honest and fair dealing, but to receive the full benefit of agency, the rights of confidentiality, disclosure and all other fiduciary duties of an agent, a proper agency agreement should be executed.  My ABR designation ensures that I have the skills and knowledge necessary to fulfill those duties for my buyer clients. If you are looking for the highest level of representation in the purchase of your home, please contact me for a consultation, I will be happy to discuss with you the market and the services I provide to help you find home!