MaintenanceSelling August 30, 2022

Selling your home this fall? Start prepping early!

You’ve been enjoying your final Summer in the house, but now it’s time to get ready to put it on the market.  What is different about listing in the Fall?

There are several things to consider when selling your house in the Fall.  The market typically isn’t as crazy as it is in Spring, but Fall is still a good time to be on the market. More buyers are active than in the Summer, when most folks are enjoying the beach. But those with children in school are less likely to be looking. Still, today less than half of households have school-age children so there are plenty of potential buyers out there. But selling in the Fall does have it’s own challenges.

Get Photos Now

Don’t wait until you list your home to get outdoor images. Fall can mean leaves on your yard and not on the trees. Get photos in the Summer, or even Spring, when flowers are in bloom and trees are fully leafed out to let buyers know what the yard looks like in warmer seasons. 

Keep the Yard Immaculate

Don’t allow leaves to pile up.  Have leaves raked or use the leafblower daily to keep the yard neat and clean. Add colorful fall blooms like Mums, Pansies and ornamental cabbage.  These will keep your yard warm and appealing as temperatures cool.

Let the Light In

With the sun lower in the sky, rooms can seem darker in the Fall.  Remove of open curtains and shades to allow as much light in as possible.  More showings are likely to occur after sunset in the fall, so make sure all your exterior light fixtures and bulbs are working. Also try different light bulbs to see what makes your interiors look best. Kitchens and bathrooms may look better in Cool White or Daylight bulbs. Depending on paint colors, bedrooms could benefit more from Warm Light.

Perform Basic Maintenance

Have the furnace serviced. Seal windows and other openings with caulk. Buyers will want to feel warm in the home. Replacing HVAC filters will help eliminate odors and allergens as the the windows will likely be closed in cooler weather.

Go Easy on Seasonal Decorations

While a few Halloween or Thanksgiving items is ok, adding too much decoration can make the home appear cluttered. Also don’t overdue the scented candles, or cookie baking. Buyers may suspect you’re compensating for an unpleasant smell.


If you are thinking of selling this Fall, give me a call or text at 973-462-4070. I’ll be happy to list your home and help you move on to your next home!