Buying When is the real estate market going to be normal again? People often ask me: When is the market ever going to be “normal” again? In this episode of HOUSE TALK I explain why I think we are not going to see the old normal, and why this new normal is likely to last for quite a long time, maybe even a decade or more. I […]
HOUSE TALK HOUSE TALK: Defining Buyers and Sellers Markets Are we still in a seller’s market? Or are we now in a buyer’s market? How can I tell? In this episode of HOUSE TALK I define buyer’s and seller’s markets, and what each party can expect in terms of negotiating power in each market. Learn how Days on Market is the metric we use […]
Buying HOUSE TALK – Why agents are not allowed answer some buyers’ questions Is this a diverse community? Is this area safe? Are the schools good? These are some typical questions a buyer may ask a REALTOR® regarding a community. Unfortunately, federal and state fair housing laws make it risky, or even illegal, for us to answer them. Why? The Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 and the […]
Buying HOUSE TALK – Choosing Home Insurance When you are buying a home, obtaining a home insurance policy is typically one of the last things buyers will do before closing. In this episode of HOUSE TALK, I speak with Insurance Broker Jaina Lally of Goosehead Insurance about why you should start the process of selecting insurance much earlier.  Watch this 6 minute […]
HOUSE TALK HOUSE TALK – Staying out of trouble with New Jersey’s Fair Housing Laws In New Jersey, home sellers must abide by the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination. This means that you must give all potential buyers equal consideration regardless of whether they fall into one of New Jersey’s 14 protected classes. Does this mean you have to sell your home to someone who can’t pay for it? Of […]
HOUSE TALK HOUSE TALK – Tax implications of selling or buying a home Are you buying or selling a home? Concerned about what that will do to your taxes? In this episode of HOUSE TALK I discuss the tax implications of a sale for both sellers and buyers. I brought in my own tax accountant, Alison Cogan, CPA from MRA Advisory Group for this discussion.
HOUSE TALK HOUSE TALK – What’s the Difference between a Broker and a REALTOR®? Some real estate agents call themselves brokers, others use the title salesperson, or REALTOR®. What’s the difference? Aren’t they all the same anyway? Actually, there are differences. A broker has a legally different set of responsibilities from a salesperson. And a REALTOR® has taken the extra step of joining the National Association of REALTORS® and […]
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